Alumnus Derek Yi at Cornell

Alumnus Derek (’13) began his Master of Architecture graduate studies at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning in fall 2015.



Derek recently described his experience at Cornell as follows.

I have just started my second year here at Cornell and we are hitting the ground running. I am enrolled in the Structural Systems 2 course where we examine overall 3D structural systems and how they “work” in terms of their mechanical function and how they may relate to conceptual ideas and form (and space) making objectives. The end goal is a structural scale model which either mimics or builds upon an existing building that myself and my partner find interesting.

I am excited to continue my education here as it has been a very eye-opening experience. Cornell’s AAP program has certainly pushed me to my limits in terms of production and development but in a good way. The Core Studio this year is an interesting one: an exploration of the dynamics of form through computational / generative / parametric design strategies (AKA The Parametric Semester).

Derek Yi
Derek’s Core Studio Project 3: “City-Building”

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