Juniors visited the Santa Fe Freight Depot



Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Juniors visited the Santa Fe Freight Depot, the site of their “sustainable urban living” projects for the “Getting L.A. to Zero Competition.”



Studio 4: Private/Interior Architecture Instructor Richard Lundquist and his students, A/L/I Juniors Rex Crafts, Diana Gonong, Shadi Hashemi, Suna Jaen, Merve Onur, Ju Sung Park, Izzy Savage, Cynthia Soto and Nyann Swain-Welborn, visited and documented the Santa Fe Freight Depot (current home of SCI-Arc). They are working on the design of six live/work, “sustainable urban living” apartments that will fit within a portion of this existing structure. The six apartments will be “prototypes” that could be repeated along the entire length of the building.

Project Statement
The interwoven cycles of collection, consumption and production permeate our lives. They order our daily routine and control our interactions with others.
New communities designed for the sharing of space and resources will arise. New architecture that collects air, water, power and light will be invented.

At the end of the semester students will submit their designs to the “Getting L.A. to Zero Competition,” sponsored by the Living Building Challenge Los Angeles Collaborative.

The Living Building Challenge Los Angeles Collaborative (LBC-LA) is a newly formed group, whose vision is to create Living Buildings, Landscapes and Neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

January 27, 2014
Richard Lundquist, Studio 4 Instructor, and Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Juniors at the Sante Fe Freight Depot (SCI-Arc) building
top left: Richard Lundquist (in the back, facing camera) speaking to A/L/I Juniors
top right: Nyann Swain-Welborn
middle left: Cynthia Soto and Rex Crafts
bottom left, left to right in front: Ju Sung Park, Rex Crafts, Diana Gonong and Suna Jaen
bottom right: Cynthia Soto and Rex Crafts (SCI-Arc students below)