Landscape Technology class toured Tongva Park and participated in PARK(ing) Day 2013!

TEc1F13_TongvaPark_ParkingDayOn November 1st, A/L/I Landscape Technology students (Ghadeer Alburaiki, Rubi Cardoso, Nayungkhumia Chang, Levina Djajadi, Vanille Fricker, Stephanie Hernandez, Tommy Hu, Harim Kim, Jenny Kim, Yelin Lee, Darien Noguchi, Mi Na Park, Zhixin Rong, Teobista Seifu, Tamara Suprobo Putri, Michelle Tiet, Raymond Tran and Yanhan Zeng), their Instructor, Tracee Johnson, and Teaching Associate, Gary Garcia, toured the recently completed (in September 2013) Santa Monica Civic Center Parks, Tongva Park and Ken Genser Square. The Civic Center Parks were designed by James Corner Field Operations and are located across from and in front of Santa Monica’s City Hall.

Patrick Fuscoe, PE, CEO of Fuscoe Engineering, led the tour and presented information about the engineering aspects (surveying, grading, drainage, etc.) of the Civic Center Parks and their design and construction process. Fuscoe Engineering provided civil engineering for Tongva Park and Ken Genser Square.

On September 20th, A/L/I Landscape Technology students participated in PARK(ing) Day 2013 in Santa Monica. They transformed a metered parking spot into a pop-up public park using bundled magazines to create seats, and umbrellas and tracing paper as canopies.

IMAGES, above
Tongva Park, November 1, 2013
top left: Patrick Fuscoe, CEO of Fuscoe Engineering, presenting a lecture to A/L/I students
top right: A/L/I students Raymond Tran, Yelin Lee, Darien Noguchi and Ghadeer Alburaiki (left to right, in front)
middle left: Patrick Fuscoe, CEO of Fuscoe Engineering, describing a feature of Tongva Park to A/L/I students
middle right: A/L/I students Tamara Suprobo Putri, Levina Djajadi, Vanille Fricker and Harim Kim (left to right) within the Pier Overlook structure
PARK(ing) Day 2013, September 20
bottom left: A/L/I students Rubi Cardoso, Harim Kim and Ghadeer Alburaiki (left to right, facing the camera) constructing a seat from bundled magazines with other A/L/I students
bottom middle: A/L/I students working on seats and shading
bottom right: A/L/I students Zhixin Rong, Yanhan Zeng, Rubi Cardoso, Harim Kim, Yelin Lee, Mi Na Park, Nayungkhumia Chang and Ghadeer Alburaiki (left to right, in front); Raymond Tran, Levina Djajadi and Tommy Hu (left to right, in back above the canopies); Teobista Seifu, Tamara Suprobo Putri and Stephanie Hernandez (left to right, in back below the canopies)