Otis Social Space Landscape Extrusion, has graduated from Otis, and will be moving to a new home

OtisSS_GraduationEmailThe fantastic Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2010 Installation, Otis Social Space: Landscape Extrusion, has “graduated” from Otis, and will be moving to a new “home”!


While we will miss it very much, Otis’ campus is being expanded and redesigned with several new buildings and a new landscape that will not accommodate Landscape Extrusion. The relocated fire lane will run right through its current site!

The Otis Community is very excited that one of our Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumni, Eiko Hamada-Ano (’02), responded to an “adoption offer” posted on Facebook!

Eiko responded with immediate action and a future home for “Otis Social Space: Landscape Extrusion” at The Shed, the educational facility operated by Zanja Madre, the non-profit wing of La Loma Development.

We are thrilled that this project will be in a public space, operated by a non-profit, and watched over by Eiko, who works at La Loma Development.

Here is a message from Eiko, below.
“La Loma Development and Zanja Madre are honored that the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2010 has graciously donated their installation to our non-profit group, Zanja Madre. The donation will compliment our future green roof demonstration garden at our office and educational facility in Pasadena. Coincidentally, the installation will be moving from its old home at the Otis campus on 9045 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester to 1355 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena: Lincoln to Lincoln!”

“Thank you Otis, the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2010! We will take good care of the project. Please come and visit us at its new home in Pasadena.” – Eiko Hamada-Ano

top left: “Otis Social Space: Landscape Extrusion” on Otis’ campus
top right: Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2010 at the Annual Exhibition 2010
bottom left: “Otis Social Space: Landscape Extrusion” won a “SPARK: PRO Gold Award” in 2011!
bottom right: “Otis Social Space: Landscape Extrusion” on Otis’ campus