Presentation by Suzan Tillotson of Tillotson Design Associates

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Lighting Certificate students and instructors attended a presentation by Suzan Tillotson, President of Tillotson Design Associates, New York, at The Broad in downtown Los Angeles. Suzan presented the design concept and execution of The Broad’s lighting. Following the presentation she led the group on a walking tour to observe The Broad’s exterior lighting.

Otis’ Certificate in Lighting Design is offered through Architecture/Landscape/Interiors in collaboration with Otis’ Continuing Education Division. Enrollment in the program typically includes both Architecture/Landscape/Interiors students and the general public – often design professionals, lighting contractors, and persons in the entertainment industry – who enroll through Continuing Education. The program provides intensive study in the theoretical study of lighting conditions and effects with the acquisition of technical skills about the design of lighting systems in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


March 2, 2017
Lighting Certificate Students, Instructors, and Suzan Tillotson at the Broad Museum Lighting Presentation and Tour
back row, left to right: Architecture/Landscape/Interiors juniors Wei Qiu, John Chen, Joshua Chang, Chentian Lu, Juan Febres-Cordero, Pinky Lam, and Billal Ashai, Continuing Education student Sam Wayman, and Lighting Certificate Instructor John Martin
front row, left to right: Architecture/Landscape/Interiors junior Monsey Barahona, Suzan Tillotson of Tillotson Design Associates, Continuing Education students Yuri Bast and Ame Pichakonpanya, and Lighting Certificate Instructor Dawn Hollingsworth

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