Progress Report #1 Class of 2017 Installation

2017 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors (Adel Aleali, Erim Ayhan, Michael Chen, Tanner Geertsen, Ibrahim Ghulam, Adam Harris, Maegan Iamjan, Sarah Ng, and Tommy Peng) are currently designing a spatial environment that they will fabricate and install on the 5th floor of Ahmanson Hall, on Otis’ Elaine and Bram Goldsmith Campus.


The chosen scheme, FLUX, was collaboratively conceived and developed by the seniors between January 24 and February 21, 2017.
FLUX will consist of 59 boxes of 3 different sizes that will be extruded from or recessed into two very long and thick walls that face one another.
Student work will be displayed on and within the boxes.

January 24 – February 21, 2017
Seniors designing and developing FLUX
top left: sketch of FLUX
top right, left to right: Erim Ayhan, Adel Aleali, Maegan Iamjan, and Adam Harris discussing patterns and depths of the boxes
middle left, left to right: Ibrahim Ghulam, Erim Ayhan, Chair Linda Pollari, Sarah Ng, Tommy Peng, Adel Aleali, Michael Chen, and Adam Harris choosing FLUX colors
middle right: seniors choosing FLUX colors
bottom: FLUX’s North Wall, shown with the final colors

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