Progress Report #3 Class of 2017 Installation

BLACKHOLE will consist of 60 boxes of 3 different sizes, extruded from or recessed into two very long and thick walls that face one another. The entire installation will be painted black with illuminated, projecting box faces, hence the new name “BLACKHOLE.”




2017 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors (Adel Aleali, Erim Ayhan, Michael Chen, Tanner Geertsen, Ibrahim Ghulam, Adam Harris, Maegan Iamjan, Sarah Ng, and Tommy Peng) started fabricating BLACKHOLE on Tuesday, March 28. They cut all of the box sides, tops, and bottoms, and moved steel studs and tracks into the building.

BLACKHOLE Fabrication, March 28, 2017
clockwise from upper left
Tommy Peng, Adel Aleali, Erim Ayhan, and Ibrahim Ghulam moving sheets of plywood into the shop
Erim Ayhan, Michael Chen, and Adel Aleali preparing to cut plywood
Adel Aleali and Ibrahim Ghulam moving steel tracks into the elevator
Tanner Geertsen and Adam Harris moving cut pieces of plywood out of the shop
Adel Aleali and Ibrahim Ghulam preparing to cut plywood

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