Seniors visited New York as part of their final Studio, Building/Landscape

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Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Seniors visited New York as part of their final Studio, Building/Landscape.

Studio 6: Building/Landscape Instructor Greg Kochanowski and A/L/I Seniors Thomas Acosta, Hala Alasmari, Sally Choo, Rodrigo Carmona Flores, Rachel Kim, Golnaz Noroozi, Steve Peraza, Sandra Sadauskaite, Jihae Shin, Julia Sieh and Erfan Zamani traveled to New York to visit the site for their Building/Landscape project, and important architecture, landscape and interior projects including: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Guggenheim Museum, Louis Vuitton Store, MoMA, Rockefeller Center, Seagram Building, Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, High Line, HL23, IAC Building, Flatiron Building, The Cooper Union, The New Museum and Prada.

Carlos Salas, an Otis Mobility/Exchange Program student (from Toronto) who studied with this group in spring 2013, reunited with them in New York.

Each year, A/L/I seniors visit a location outside of Los Angeles where their final studio project is sited.
Prior project sites and field trip locations include Chicago, Desert Hot Springs, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Tucson and Seattle.

This semester (spring 2014) A/L/I seniors are designing a self-sustaining high rise building for New York City in 2050. “This project looks to re-imagine the morphology of the high rise as a form of infrastructure — marrying accommodation of program with the gathering and production of energy and biological material.  In this way, the high rise is no longer seen as an insular object, but rather as a self-sustaining organism that absorbs, responds to, and produces, environmental, ecological, and ambient conditions.” – from Instructor Greg Kochanowski’s studio brief

January 17-19, 2014
Greg Kochanowski, Studio 6 Instructor, and Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Seniors in New York
top left, left to right: A/L/I Senior Thomas Acosta, Carlos Salas (Mobility/Exchange student from Toronto), A/L/I Seniors Erfan Zamani and Steve Peraza, and Ibrahim Joesoef (friend)
top right, left to right: A/L/I Seniors Sandra Sadauskaite, Golnaz Noroozi, Jihae Shin, Sally Choo, Julia Sieh and, in background, Carlos Salas and Erfan Zamani (on the left), Hala Alasmari and Steve Peraza (on the right)
middle left: Instructor Greg Kochanowski (in orange jacket) with students on the High Line
middle right, left to right: Instructor Greg Kochanowski (in orange jacket) with A/L/I Seniors Julia Sieh, Golnaz Noroozi, Sandra Sadauskaite, Rodrigo Carmona, Sally Choo (in back), Hala Alasmari, Rachel Kim (in back), Jihae Shin, Thomas Acosta, Steve Peraza and Erfan Zamani on the High Line’s “urban theater”
bottom, left to right: Instructor Greg Kochanowski (in orange jacket) with A/L/I Seniors Sandra Sadauskaite, Sally Choo, Golnaz Noroozi, Thomas Acosta and Julia Sieh