Studio 5 Public/UrbanArchitecture Midterm Jury

Studio-5_Fall-2014_Midterm-JuryArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Seniors presented their Studio 5: Public/UrbanArchitecture projects at the midterm jury.




A/L/I Seniors Rex Crafts, Diana Gonong, Shadi Hashemi, Suan Jaen, Merve Onur, Jusung Park, Cynthia Soto, Izzy Savage and Nyann Swain-Welborn presented their urban infill projects to jurors, Coleman Griffith (Architect; Architecture Department Area Head, Pasadena City College), Tracee Johnson (Landscape Designer/Public Practice Artist; A/L/I Lecturer), Michael Knopoff (Architect; Principal, MONTALBA ARCHITECTS), Steffen A. Leisner (Architect; Founder and Principal Partner, syntax), Andrew Ratzsch (Architect; Principal, Ratzsch Architects), and their instructor, Architect and A/L/I Senior Lecturer, Matias Creimer.

For this Studio 5 urban infill-building project “students were asked to design the new headquarters of the City of Los Angeles Historical Society, and take part in the collective process of moving the most historical district of Downtown LA into its future” – Matias Creimer
October 20, 2014
Studio 5: Public/UrbanArchitecture Midterm Jury
top left: juror Coleman Griffith commenting on Cynthia Soto’s project with jurors Andrew Ratzsch, Steffen Leisner, and Tracee Johnson observing (left to right from behind)
top right: instructor Matias Creimer commenting on Nyann Swain-Welborn’s project
bottom left: Merve Onur presenting her project
bottom right: Nyann Swain-Welborn presenting his project to jurors Michael Knopoff, Andrew Ratzsch, and Steffen Leisner (left to right)