We recycled BLACKHOLE!

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors recycled the Class of 2017 Installation BLACKHOLE!






Architecture/Landscape/Interiors has recycled plywood, metal studs and tracks, acrylic sheets, light fixtures, lamps, and cords from the seniors’ design/build installations since 2002!
The materials are re-used in subsequent installations, often for many years such as the light fixtures, which are now 15 years-old.

This year, full plywood sheets were re-used in the artists/designers’ studios for Otis’ inaugural L.A. Summer Residency. See photos below!

top left, left to right: 2017 seniors (Adel Aleali, Adam Harris, Maegan Iamjan, Sarah Ng, Tommy Peng, Ibraham Ghulam, Tanner Geertsen, and Michael Chen) posing next to their project displays in BLACKHOLE, just prior to deconstruction on May 19, 2017
top right: recycled plywood installed in one of the L.A.Summer Residency studios (with a bit of black paint showing)
bottom left: recycled metal studs
bottom right: recycled light fixtures

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