2016-2017 Awards for Excellence!

Awards are presented to only one Architecture/Landscape/Interiors student per each comprehensive design studio each year.     Design studio instructors were requested to select one student to receive the award based on: consistent presence, participation, and effort; development and use of skills; clarity and incorporation of concept; consistent design development; and clarity and scope of [more]

Alumni at 2017 Annual Exhibition Preview

Alumni viewed Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2017 Installation BLACKHOLE at Otis Annual Exhibition Preview on Friday, May 12th!         IMAGES  BLACKHOLE and Alumni before and during Otis Annual Exhibition Preview, Friday, May 12, 2017 top left: alumna Merve Onur (15) and friend top right: alumnus Gary Garica (08) and friend middle left: alumni [more]

Progress Report #7 Class of 2017 Installation

  Progress Report #7 on the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2017 Installation           BLACKHOLE consists of 60 boxes of 3 different sizes, extruded from or recessed into two very long and thick walls that face one another. 2017 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors (Adel Aleali, Erim Ayhan, Michael Chen, Tanner Geertsen, Ibrahim Ghulam, Adam [more]

2016 Summer of Art

Alumnus Jesus Aguilar (08) directed four students-ranging in age from 16 to 18-in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors’ 2016 Summer of Art studio.         Between July 6th and 29th, 2016 Summer of Art students Clark Piers, Veronica Franzen, Dillon Tyme, and Senna Zhang learned to draft and construct physical models, after which they each designed a [more]

Progress Report #6 on the Class of 2016 Installation

BLUR consists of 150 boxes stacked in 3 rows that are closed, backlit for display of student work, or open to allow views through and production of a moiré effect. 2016 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors (Ghadeer Zaki Alburaiki, Amarilis Altamirano, Paulina Benavides, Rubi Cardoso, Nayung Chang, Levina Djajadi, Ryan English, Amanda Hirsch, Jacob Hoffman, Tommy Hu, [more]

Progress Report #5 on the Class of 2016 Installation

2016 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors began installing BLUR components on  May 4, 2016.                                                                                                                                                                             The Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2016 Installation BLUR will open to the public on Saturday, May 14, 6-9pm! 5th Floor, Ahmanson Hall,      Otis’ Elaine and Bram Goldsmith Campus, 9045 Lincoln Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Award for Excellence in Design will be [more]