Metallic Swimwear for Amuse Society


Beach-meets-street lifestyle brand Amuse Society is the brainchild of friends and designers Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, and one of this year's Otis fashion mentors. Each year, industry giants and innovators volunteer to direct projects for the students to complete, culminating in Otis' annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show in the spring. Mandy Fry, above in the leather jacket, is directing students to create swimwear and wet suits that are metallic, sexy, and include die-cut details for a [more]

Final Fitting for Roxy, Quiksilver, and DC


Kassandra Cassily, Roxy product line analyst, visited the junior class for the final fitting of their Spring 2016 collection for the female sports fashion brand. Earlier this year, Roxy gave the students a direction to create projects geared toward the must-have items for a three-day trip with only a backpack and the beach or mountain on the horizon. The direction also noted that the Roxy customer is “always on an adventure and thrives on exploration.” Ryan Keenan, SVP of Merchandising and [more]

Final Fitting for Bob Mackie


The master of glamour, designer Bob Mackie, visited the senior fashion class for the final fitting of their evening wear collection. Mackie, famous for dressing entertainment icons such as RuPaul, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, and Tina Turner, had [more]

Final Fitting for Trina Turk


Last week, designer Trina Turk attended the final fitting for the senior class's collection to provide feedback before the students' garments go down the catwalk at the Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show. Earlier in the semester, she directed [more]

PacSun Final Fitting


Yesterday PacSun Design Director Heather Brown visited the final fitting for the Fashion Design juniors' summer collections. Earlier in the semester, Heather had issued a direction to the students to design garments with whites and ivories for a [more]

Urban Outfitters Fitting


Last week, Urban Outfitters designers Nicola O'Connell and Katie Kim attended the junior fashion design class’s first fitting. The students designed a Spring/Summer collection tapping into the “shipwrecked” trend inspired by the movies “The Blue [more]