Sketch Selection: DC/Quiksilver/Roxy

In late January, three mentors visited the junior fashion students – Ryan Keenan for Quiksilver, Kesha Pomeroy for Roxy, and Alan Hardy for DC.

Here are excerpts from the brands’ directions for the class:

DC: Show us something new and daring while adhering to the DC brand’s core values. While we are an action sports brand, we would like you to take this opportunity to create a bold vision for the future of DC Skateboarding. The DC graphic pattern should be inspired by asphalt, concrete, wood, and steel – in other words the surfaces our athletes and consumers ride.

Quiksilver: Celebrate Quiksilver DNA and history while making a modern version. Imagine spending sun up to sun down outdoors at a music festival or a surf /camping trip in Northern Baja. What garments could you wear for sun/wind protection during the blazing heat of the day and transform into a chilly nights go to? Get up, get out, get after it!

Roxy: As with Quiksilver, the direction will be partially determined by print selection, which was inspired by the ocean and beach. Additionally, from a styling and silhouette standpoint Roxy will follow Quiksilver in requesting that each of the projects be geared toward the must-have items for a three-day trip. Our customer is always on an adventure and thrives on exploration. We’re looking for the best representation of what the girl would pack if she only had her backpack and the beach or mountain on her horizon