Final Fitting for Roxy, Quiksilver, and DC

Kassandra Cassily, Roxy product line analyst, visited the junior class for the final fitting of their Spring 2016 collection for the female sports fashion brand. Earlier this year, Roxy gave the students a direction to create projects geared toward the must-have items for a three-day trip with only a backpack and the beach or mountain on the horizon. The direction also noted that the Roxy customer is “always on an adventure and thrives on exploration.”

Ryan Keenan, SVP of Merchandising and Design at Quiksilver, later joined the class to provide guidance on the collections designed for Roxy’s brother brand. His direction asked the class to imagine spending sun-up to sundown at a music festival or surf camping trip in Northern Baja. He directed students to design garments that could be worn for sun and wind protection in both the blazing heat of day and the chill of night.

Alan Hardy,  Global Footwear design director for DC Shoes, also dropped by to give juniors feedback on their Spring 2016 designs for DC. In his direction, he encourages the young designers to try create a new, bold vision for the future for the action sports brand. Hardy also specified that the graphic patterns used should be inspired by asphalt, concrete, wood, and steel – in other words, the surfaces that DC athletes and consumers ride.