Metallic Swimwear for Amuse Society


Beach-meets-street lifestyle brand Amuse Society is the brainchild of friends and designers Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, and Mandy is one of this year’s Fashion Mentors. Each year, industry giants and innovators volunteer to direct projects for the students to complete, culminating in Otis’ annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show in the spring.

Mandy Fry, above in the leather jacket, is directing students to create swimwear and wet suits that are metallic, sexy, and include die-cut details for a bohemian, rock-in-roll girl. Mandy came to campus to see fittings of the pieces that will be shown in the collection and make suggestions on color, details, and fit if needed.

For Tammy Li, above in the pink shirt, showing her work to Mandy Fry reinforced that she is on the right track. “Before the fitting, there was a lot of nervousness- hoping she’ll like it, hoping it was what she wanted.,”said the junior Fashion major. “But then going into it, she was so nice and very constructive. Everything she said I could use, so I really enjoyed the fitting with her. And then afterwards I’m just really relieved to see the pieces on the runway, its so different from seeing them on the mannequins. After I put it onto the model I just thought- all the hard work has paid off.”

For many students the process of creating the pieces can take weeks, starting with researching the company’s style through the final stitch. Tammy was no exception, “Coincidentally this direction is my own aesthetic as well,” she said. “So it was easier for me to get into the zone. Though I did do a lot of research, I’ve been on their Pinterest – just seeing what they’ve liked and what they pinned”.

If you want to keep up with Tammy’s progress, you can follow her on instagram. For more inside looks into the Fashion Design program, stay tuned to the Fashion Blog.