Sketch Selection: PacSun

Last month, PacSun Design Director Heather Brown visited the junior fashion class for their sketch selection. The energetic mentor offered feedback on the students’ collections, which tapped into the summer “shipwrecked” trend.

Brown had directed them to design garments for the 2015 summer season, emphasizing that “whites and ivories remain important in this bleached-out story as we take our Golden State of Mind out of the ocean and onto the sand with a washed-out, crystallized palette of textured fabrics including denim, mesh and ribbing.” The designer recommended using fringe, lace-ups, and novelty trims to accentuate “the true beauty of the textile and garment shape.” Students were also encouraged to incorporate graphic artwork, crochet stitching, and burn-out designs.

The PacSun project is sponsored by Cotton, Inc., which has provided a generous grant to the students for materials and requires that the finished pieces be at least 60 percent cotton goods.