The Design Process: Bob Mackie Mentor Project

This week the senior class really started getting a move on their mentor projects in studio. My partner Sarah Cioffi and I have been working on draping our dress for the Bob Mackie mentor project, and I decided to start taking pictures of the whole process in creating our garment. We first taped our sketches in front of us, so we constantly have something to refer to. Otis really teaches students how to translate their sketches into actual garments. After we taped everything down, we began to use twill tape to draw where we want all our seams on the garment to be placed. After making adjustments when the twill taping was done, we began cutting muslin and draping the garment. When everything was in place we penciled in all of our lines and began trimming away all the extra fabric. We ended the day by repining everything to really see what the dress will look like. There is no better feeling than making progress and seeing your garment come to life. We will see what Monday has in store for us.