Bob Mackie Jewel Placement

My partner and I prepared boards for our private Q&A with Bob Mackie last week. We used a cork board to pin down our jewels get the placement approved my Mr. Mackie. Here are photos of our process!    

Bob Mackie: First Fitting

Bob Mackie was so helpful at the Senior first fitting. What was a long and highly informational fitting, will turn first fit garments into an amazing masterpiece for the fashion show. Here are some photos from the fitting!

Bob Mackie: Stone placement

The Bob Mackie mentor team is in the process of creating our garments from muslin, as well as creating perfect patterns for all the stones we will be placing on our garments. For my design with my partner Sarah Cioffi, we decided to take photos of Art Deco jewelry we were inspried by and use [more]

Senior Mentor: Bob Mackie Pre-fit

The fashion department arranged for gorgeous fit models to come for a pre-fit of our garments. The fitting went great and will allows us to present our best work to Bob Mackie at our first fitting. Here are some photos of the Pre-fit.

The Design Process: Bob Mackie Mentor Project

This week the senior class really started getting a move on their mentor projects in studio. My partner Sarah Cioffi and I have been working on draping our dress for the Bob Mackie mentor project, and I decided to start taking pictures of the whole process in creating our garment. We first taped our sketches [more]

Bob Mackie Studio Visit

The amazing Bob Mackie stopped by Otis Fashion this week to have a one on one with students about their designs. Mr. Mackie was so helpful with each design by guiding us on how to approach each dress in its own way. It’s incredible how much you can learn from Bob Mackie, not to mention [more]