Senior Student/Teacher Q&A Luncheon

The design faculty took time out of their busy schedules to sit and have lunch with the senior class this week. Seniors were able to ask any questions they have about portfolios and possible job opportunities post graduation. Here is a photo of Tony Young, Jill Higashi, Mitra Rajabi, and Paul Keng sitting on the [more]

Senior Portfolio

It was an exciting day for seniors as we walked into design class! Today was offically the first day of portfolio class! Seniors will spend the next 3 months of school designing collections that represent their individuality as designers in order to get their dream jobs! Here is a photo of our Design Chair Jill [more]

Fashion Luncheon- Alex Brownless of Artsthread

Senior OTIS students have been given the opportunity to share their portfolios internationally with the help of Alex Brownless, co-founder of Artsthread. Artsthread is a creative graduate network that aims to bridge the gap between education and the design industry.  Alex Brownless was nice enough to come and have a luncheon with the OTIS Fashion [more]