Bob Mackie Sketch Selection

The amazing Bob Mackie gathered with Senior students on his mentor project last week for what would be their last sketch selection as an OTIS student. Our design faculty still uses all the advice Mr. Mackie shared with them from their very own mentor projects when they were students at OTIS. The sketch selection was [more]

Senior Portfolio

It was an exciting day for seniors as we walked into design class! Today was offically the first day of portfolio class! Seniors will spend the next 3 months of school designing collections that represent their individuality as designers in order to get their dream jobs! Here is a photo of our Design Chair Jill [more]

Senior Twins

Today was sketch selection and OTIS students were channeling each other when getting dressed this morning. Here are senior designers who looked so much alike!  

Seniors working in studio!

First semester garments are due next week so seniors can begin their second mentor projects. Here are some photos of seniors and their progress in studio today!

Christopher Wicks- Second Fitting

Mentor Christopher Wicks has the most amazingly unique personality! He was such an enjoyable mentor for the students on his team. This group was inspired by rock and roll of the late 60’s. Here are some photos from their second fitting!

Cynthia Vincent- Second Fitting

There has been so much progress made since the first Cynthia Vincent fitting. Seniors showed Cynthia all their new improvements and crossed their fingers for small changes to be made to their final garments.