Senior studio progress

Wonder what classes look like right now? Here are some photos of the senior work in studio class. All garments are being finalized for fit and majority of seniors are at the stage to begin cutting final fabrics.

Studio Progress: Western Costume Mentor Project

Here are some photos of the students in the Western Costume mentor project preparing their muslins and trying to achieve the most accurate translation of their sketches.

Bob Mackie Studio Visit

The amazing Bob Mackie stopped by Otis Fashion this week to have a one on one with students about their designs. Mr. Mackie was so helpful with each design by guiding us on how to approach each dress in its own way. It’s incredible how much you can learn from Bob Mackie, not to mention [more]

Seniors working in studio!

First semester garments are due next week so seniors can begin their second mentor projects. Here are some photos of seniors and their progress in studio today!