Tom Wudl – Downtown – 04/19/2013

Tom Wudl

In researching another project that Carolyn Peter and I are organizing for Fall 2013 called “Tapping the Third Realm,” we made a visit to Tom Wudl’s downtown studio. Every time I visit downtown around SCIARC and Molino Street, the construction and vitality amazes me compared to what it was in the mid to late 1980s when I began trekking to artists’ studios. Tom gave an in depth and much appreciated introduction to his new work that he is preparing for an upcoming show at LA Louver in September. The paintings on paper are on a modest scale, yet convey volumes about attention, presence and beauty. Tom spoke of how his “imagination was inflamed” by a book his dear friend Ed Wortz had given him, “The Avatamasaka Sutra” translated by Thomas Cleary. He shared how this has inspired his efforts to propagate pluralities and mirror infinitely.  Tom also mentioned other sources like Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Laurel and Hardy, and so much more.

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