Erika Rothenberg – Helms Bakery – 07/24/2013

Erika Rothenberg is an artist with a sense of humor.  Her over-the-top social commentary points out the ridiculous and sublime of the human experience. Currently, she is grappling with the “future” as her subject matter and is tackling the apocalypse. She is looking at the different taxonomies in how the world will end as portrayed by Hollywood, sensationalized news and the “shock” tactics of some science documentaries.  From giant worms to natural disasters, Erika reveals the seriousness of human extinction through some of the most outlandish scenarios.  One of her in-progress wall graphics is a museum-like didactic panel explaining the various types/genres of  Alien Land Art. She’s riffing off the theory that intelligent life from other planets created the pyramids and other natural wonders. Erika details the whole scene with kitschy phrases and illustrations inspired by visual art rhetoric.  She is currently working towards a solo show in spring 2014 at Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown.