Matthew Carter – Inglewood – 07/24/2013

We met Matt Carter at his current group show, The Road, at Luis De Jesus Gallery on La Cienega.  Carter’s current work is a study on the harlequin and the diamond, argyle pattern often associated with the character.  He focuses on the clown’s privilege to be the taboo, anti-social personality in our society and reveals the many layers within this role as well.  In the work Carter incorporates glitter, mylar, harlequin patterns and even sketches of clowns based off his childhood drawings.  Also on exhibit at Luis De Jesus Gallery, is Carter’s large triangular shaped diorama titled, Ninety Acres of Property Filled with a Sinister Past.  This piece references his intrigue with Ghost Adventures, the reality show about an agro ghost hunting trio; and the title is an actual quote by the lead character who often eloquently describes the scenes.