Gina Lamb – Inglewood – 12/3/2013

Gina Lamb has been doing Social Practice work before the term was coined. This was my first introduction to her practice and I was amazed by the depth and breadth of her projects and her genius and generosity. Most of her work these days is orchestrated through her role as Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College and through the Media Arts for Social Justice organization (MASJ). Lamb has worked for years with REACH LA, an organization that utilizes media arts to produce innovative HIV messages for and by youth. Building on her long term relationship with this arts and action organization, she, and her Pitzer students, has helped the House/Ball Community document their events and promote safe sex to a high risk population. She and her students are also currently working with the Ohlone People to help them document and assist with their cultural reclamation efforts.  She is working on a number of other projects and each one is invoking a vision for a better world through informed and intelligent conversation, collaboration and art making in its many forms.