Joan Robey and Tom Walker – Inglewood – 07/17/2013

Joan Robey and Tom Walker are each sculptors in their own right and for the last few years they have been collaborating on large scale art installations and discreet and functional objects.  Tom teaches a 10-week long metal workshop at Otis. Joan was one of his students and that is how they began working together in her studio in Inglewood. One of the projects they realized together was a commission for Science World, an outdoor park in Vancouver focused on sustainability and recycling. Waste House (2012), is a large sculpture made of re-purposed materials that looks like a ginger bread house gone awry. Terra Forma and Lunar See are an outgrowth from the Vancouver project.

In addition to his studio practice with Joan, Tom continues to be instrumental to the development and success of the Emerson Avenue Community Garden with Orville Wright Middle School in Westchester.

Joan and Tom are currently designing and building a collections of lights for an upcoming show in January 2014 at GFA Lois Lambert Gallery.

Terra Forma and Lunar See:

Waste House:

Emerson Garden:

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