Noel Korten – Baldwin Hills – 08/02/2013

Noel  Korten is an artist who works in painting, sculpture and installation and is also a  curator. He has completed public art projects with the City of Carlsbad and Amtrak.  He served as Director of Exhibitions at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery from 1994 to 2005. Meg, Jeseca and I had the pleasure of visiting his home in Windsor Hills where he works from a studio overlooking a breath taking view of Los Angeles.  Korten describes himself as an “artist with a day job”.  He walked us through what seemed like a nature hike, which is what his recent landscape pieces elude too. Korten’s works included watercolor paintings of floating rock formations, peppered with pointillism; logs with peepholes that lead to hollowed out views of constructed images, referencing man’s manipulation of nature; and ceramic works that dotted the floors in a way that made me think of oceanic creatures.  I could tell he is very much at home with the elements of his practice.