Steve Hurd – Inglewood – 12/3/2013

In the LA Times, art reviewer David Pagel said Steve Hurd takes a shotgun approach to painting… .” Our visit was a rapid fire conversation through several bodies of work starting with his newest paintings inspired by his feline companions. This work will be shown in September at Rosamund Felsen Gallery. As we moved around the studio, which was an old bakery building, Steve had hung a small selection of his “peace pipe” paintings from the installation he did in 2012 as a COLA recipient entitled, “International House of Peace Pipes.” The paintings depict elements from the flags of countries who are embroiled in longstanding conflicts like Israel and Palestine. The small canvasses are enhanced by the brass fittings of a pipe, so on one side of the painting is the mouth piece and the other is the bowl. The pipes are real, so the paintings can literally be “smoked.”