Alma Lopez – 1019 West, Inglewood

Alma Lopez is a lesbian Chicana feminist artist whose work focuses on popular Mexican icons.  One of her pieces, titled Our Lady, 1999 was shown in 2001 in an exhibition titled “CyberArte: Tradition Meets Technology” curated by Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn [more]

Lee Clarke, Scott Grieger, Lucas Reiner, Lindsey Schulz, Rashad Navidi, Kour Pour and Joey Wolf – 1019 West, Inglewood – 09/22/2012

During the Otis Alumni/Faculty Studio Bus Tour on September 22, 2012 we revisited the 1019 West building in Inglewood and met up with some amazing Westside Otis Alumni/Faculty artists. Lee Clarke is an abstract painter whose most recent work is [more]

Kiki Seror – Inglewood – 09/12/2012

Kiki Seror asks, “How do we create communities? How do we create ourselves?”  Seror’s practice is very much involved in the age of the internet.  Her past work in chat rooms and her new performance work in chat roulettes allow the viewer to envision [more]

Cathy Fairbanks – 1019 West, Inglewood – 08/29/2012

Cathy Fairbanks is both an artist and nurse in search of “Radical Empathy” and when visiting Fairbanks’ studio one can find evidence of just that.  For example, she uses post-crash air bags for clay pressings and textile art making, and views the [more]

Pontus Willfors – 1019 West, Inglewood – 08/27/2012

Pontus Willfors’ studio, at 1019 West in Inglewood, is filled with large piles of wood and tree stumps.  Willfors is interested in the transformation of natural materials and works with organic shapes like rocks and trees rather than manmade [more]

Tony de los Reyes – 1019 West Studios, Inglewood – 07/31/2012

Currently, Tony de los Reyes is working on The Border Series, paintings made with stretched linen and a dye pouring process.  The paintings are “figuratively based, but the figure is abstract”.  By this Reyes is referring to his subject matter, the [more]