Timothy Nolan – Downtown – 08/14/2013

After eighteen years at PØST, Tim Nolan is now part of a large studio collective, just in the Loop, on the Southeast side of downtown.  Using origami-like shapes to reveal his affinity for design and architectural elements, Nolan’s work ranges from [more]

Jeremy Kidd – Venice – 11/14/2012

Jeremy Kidd has been working on commissions in Russia for quite a while and was in Europe when we did a studio visit with him via Skype from his assistant’s I-Pad.  As he floated through the studio he shared with us the splendid imagery he has been [more]

Stas Orlovski – Mar Vista – 10/29/2012

Recently Stas Orlovski has embarked upon the world of stop motion animation.  Using his own drawings and collages he created 2 final projections on view now at LACMA’s Drawing Surrealism exhibition.  Referencing decaying architecture and [more]

Cliff Garten – Venice – 10/24/2012

Cliff Garten has been mostly consumed with designing public social-scape commission projects.  It is only recently that Garten has focused on his studio practice again, incorporating materials he has come to know through his public space design [more]

Gilah Yelin Hirsch – Venice – 09/11/2012

Gilah Yelin Hirsch is an extremely interesting woman with a varied background.  As her website explains, “She works in a multidisciplinary manner including art, design, anthropology, architecture, theology, philosophy, psychology, [more]

John Okulick – Venice – 09/10/2012

John Okulick loves architecture, geometry and color, but above all else the illusion of reality.   Okulick’s three-dimensional wall pieces convey just that as they play with perspective and often distort the viewers’ understanding of the dimension in [more]