Mira Gandy – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills -11/15/2013

Mira Gandy’s work revolves around the female self-image, incorporating both cultural-diversity and race.  She often parallels these topics with media representations of women within these contexts as well, and addresses issues such as the advertising [more]

Luis Serrano – Baldwin Hills – 11/07/2013

Luis Serrano adopted Kenneth Hahn Park as his outdoor studio over 12 years ago. We met near the park’s entrance and went for a short walk to an area of bushes and trees that he’s been focusing his attention on for the last few months. When we made [more]

Juan Capistràn – Baldwin Hills – 10/10/2013

Juan Capistràn’s studio is among the many on West Exposition Blvd, where the new Metro train runs from USC to Culver City.  Here, Capistràn creates, “multidisciplinary projects that question notions of class, identity, power and revolution.” [more]

Todd Gray & Kyungmi Shin – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 10/09/2013

Artists and partners Todd Gray and Kyungmi Shin  live in “the Dons” of Baldwin Hills, where their hilltop home doubles as their art studios.  Todd Gray is a photographer, performer and professor. For some time he has been documenting private [more]

Zeal Harris – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 09/20/2013

Zeal Harris creates art from personal narratives and is working on a graphic novel as well.  Her work is rich with content and color, and the scenes are full of simultaneous actions.  Harris grew up in Virginia where she worked as a portrait and [more]

Joe Sims – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 09/13/2013

Joe Sims is an assemblage artist who often incorporates found objects, such as shoes and obsolete electronics, into his work.  His large sculptures reflect his rich African American heritage and often revolve around a specific story or event.  Sims [more]