Lauren Evans – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Lauren Evans is primarily a sculptor and also teaches African Art History. She uses animal forms in her work and has created a series of powerful images using the rhinoceros. According to her website, “The images of the rhinoceros represent the [more]

Mara Lonner – Leimert Park – 09/13/2013

Mara Lonner’s black velvet pieces are beautifully crafted and tell of events and animals that have once had their time here on earth, but are now remnants of history.  The pigeon, “Martha,” was the very last Passenger Pigeon, a breed native to the [more]

Cindy Kolodziejski – Venice – 10/29/2012

Cindy Kolodziejski’s is expanding her repertoire from ceramics to found objects. Her studio is full of amazing antique frames, boxes, trinkets and more.  Not to mention the amazing array birds and bird cages that line the whole north side of her [more]

Stas Orlovski – Mar Vista – 10/29/2012

Recently Stas Orlovski has embarked upon the world of stop motion animation.  Using his own drawings and collages he created 2 final projections on view now at LACMA’s Drawing Surrealism exhibition.  Referencing decaying architecture and [more]

John Okulick – Venice – 09/10/2012

John Okulick loves architecture, geometry and color, but above all else the illusion of reality.   Okulick’s three-dimensional wall pieces convey just that as they play with perspective and often distort the viewers’ understanding of the dimension in [more]