Pam Posey – Palms – 06/14/2013

Pam Posey has brought the world of rocks to life with over 40 rock paintings, stories and relocations.  By relocations, I mean actually taking a rock and moving it sometimes half way around the world.  Posey started the rock portraits during her one [more]

Amanda Yates – West Adams – 04/19/2013

Elana Mann introduced us to the ritualized performance work of Amanda Yates. I visited the studio with Carolyn Peter. It was a warm day and before we entered her work space, Amanda gave us a tasty green cool homemade elixir laden with fresh cilantro [more]

Christina Ondrus – Downtown – 04/26/2013

My first encounter with Christina Ondrus’ work was through this amazing project called Knowledges that took place at Mt. Wilson in June 2012. Right now, she is working on a book of images and text exploring synchronicity and the residue of history [more]