Rainen Knecht – West Adams – 11/22/2013

Rainen Knecht, along with Christopher Baird, moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles last year. She is a painter who has recently expanded her repertoire from watercolor to oil painting. She is fascinated by miniature worlds and much of her new work [more]

Nancy Jo Haselbacher – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Nancy Jo Haselbacher greeted me in her home studio and said “I hope you don’t mind that we’re kitchen-tabling it today for our visit.” So many artists make their kitchen tables their studios, it’s a wonderful thing. Nancy took me on a tour of her [more]

Mira Gandy – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills -11/15/2013

Mira Gandy’s work revolves around the female self-image, incorporating both cultural-diversity and race.  She often parallels these topics with media representations of women within these contexts as well, and addresses issues such as the advertising [more]

Todd Gray & Kyungmi Shin – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 10/09/2013

Artists and partners Todd Gray and Kyungmi Shin  live in “the Dons” of Baldwin Hills, where their hilltop home doubles as their art studios.  Todd Gray is a photographer, performer and professor. For some time he has been documenting private [more]

Amanda Mears – Baldwin Hills – 08/27/2013

Amanda Mears was a documentary filmmaker.  She has a keen eye for interior and exterior space and translates that into collaged paintings.  She has also been cataloging street “furniture” such as trash cans, telephone booths, newspaper boxes, fire [more]

Timothy Nolan – Downtown – 08/14/2013

After eighteen years at PØST, Tim Nolan is now part of a large studio collective, just in the Loop, on the Southeast side of downtown.  Using origami-like shapes to reveal his affinity for design and architectural elements, Nolan’s work ranges from [more]