Zeal Harris – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 09/20/2013

Zeal Harris creates art from personal narratives and is working on a graphic novel as well.  Her work is rich with content and color, and the scenes are full of simultaneous actions.  Harris grew up in Virginia where she worked as a portrait and [more]

Heather Gwen Martin – Downtown – 08/28/2013

Heather Gwen Martin’s downtown home/studio is full of large colorful paintings, which at first glance look like they were made using a poured if not tapped process.  Yet, at closer look, you can see evidence of the meticulous care and detail in color [more]

Sarah Awad – Baldwin Hills – 08/07/2013

Sarah Awad’s large-scale abstract, figurative paintings are a treat for the eyes. Her studio walls were filled with images of nude figures, mostly women, in poses that projected strength, blended with splashes of colors that reminded me of a [more]

Farrah Karapetian – Baldwin Hills – 08/07/2013

Farrah Karapetian is a Los Angeles based artist who works in sculpture, installation and photography. Much of her work is photo based which she achieves without the use of the camera in a process known as photograms. Karapetian explores reality and [more]

Holly Tempo – Inglewood – 08/02/2013

Otis’ Associate Professor of Painting, Holly Tempo has a spacious home studio set in the heart of Inglewood.  Inside one room of the studio, the walls are filled with her recent abstract paintings from her Heat Wave series.  Theses colorful canvases [more]

Kohl King – Baldwin Hills – 08/02/2013

Kohl King was born in India and immigrated to the United States at an early age; she has lived in over six states and several more cities.  She earned her BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia, an MFA from the University of [more]