Lauren Evans – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Lauren Evans is primarily a sculptor and also teaches African Art History. She uses animal forms in her work and has created a series of powerful images using the rhinoceros. According to her website, “The images of the rhinoceros represent the [more]

Nancy Jo Haselbacher – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Nancy Jo Haselbacher greeted me in her home studio and said “I hope you don’t mind that we’re kitchen-tabling it today for our visit.” So many artists make their kitchen tables their studios, it’s a wonderful thing. Nancy took me on a tour of her [more]

Curtis Weaver – Culver City – 11/14/2013

Curtis Weaver is a multi-media artist who melds science fiction and art by creating a living creature that reaches through many facets often attributed to the human race.  His creatures might be faceless, but are made up of biological elements such [more]

Robin Palanker – Culver City – 11/06/2013

Robin Palanker grew up in Buffalo, New York. She first came to California to study at Cal Arts in Valencia in the early 1970s. She was a figurative drawer who had a strong interest in theater and dance and was caught navigating her way between the [more]

Anna Ayeroff – Culver City – 08/23/2013

Anna Ayeroff is a recent graduate of Otis College of Art and Design.  Her studio is nestled in a Culver City garage and is littered with supplies like Mylar and amethysts.  Since Ayeroff found out that her grandfather was part of a Jewish Utopian [more]

Amy Bouse – Culver City – 08/07/2013

Amy Bouse is a painter and photographer who lives in Culver City. On a recent visit to her studio, located in her home, we found her excited about her most recent series of paintings which are based on basketball, a sport that she confesses is a [more]