Joel Otterson – Downtown, Lincoln Heights – 08/28/2013

Joel Otterson is an artist pushing the gender barriers of craft in a fine art context.  His use of colorful antique-glass goblets, to fabricate chandeliers, immediately heightens your nerves and demands a reaction.  His largest so far includes a [more]

Heather Gwen Martin – Downtown – 08/28/2013

Heather Gwen Martin’s downtown home/studio is full of large colorful paintings, which at first glance look like they were made using a poured if not tapped process.  Yet, at closer look, you can see evidence of the meticulous care and detail in color [more]

Nicola Verlato – Downtown – 08/14/2013

Nicola Verlato’s studio resides in an historic building that shares a lobby with The Last Bookstore on Spring street, part of the Historic Core of downtown Los Angeles.   Now known as the Spring Arts Tower; the building houses over 100 artists, [more]

Timothy Nolan – Downtown – 08/14/2013

After eighteen years at PØST, Tim Nolan is now part of a large studio collective, just in the Loop, on the Southeast side of downtown.  Using origami-like shapes to reveal his affinity for design and architectural elements, Nolan’s work ranges from [more]

Christine Frerichs – Downtown – 07/26/2013

Christine Frerichs is a Los Angeles based artist whose work has been shown in various group exhibitions throughout California. We met her at KlowdenMann Gallery (or GalleryKM) in Santa Monica to see her recent exhibition.  The “Conversation" series [more]

Tom Wudl – Downtown – 04/19/2013

In researching another project that Carolyn Peter and I are organizing for Fall 2013 called “Tapping the Third Realm,” we made a visit to Tom Wudl’s downtown studio. Every time I visit downtown around SCIARC and Molino Street, the construction and [more]