Erika Rothenberg – Helms Bakery – 07/24/2013

Erika Rothenberg is an artist with a sense of humor.  Her over-the-top social commentary points out the ridiculous and sublime of the human experience. Currently, she is grappling with the “future” as her subject matter and is tackling the [more]

Bruria Finkel – Santa Monica

“Bruria Finkel creates works of art in a variety of media. These take the form of both temporary and permanent installations. She has participated in over 72 solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Her work is also found in many [more]

Alma Lopez – 1019 West, Inglewood

Alma Lopez is a lesbian Chicana feminist artist whose work focuses on popular Mexican icons.  One of her pieces, titled Our Lady, 1999 was shown in 2001 in an exhibition titled “CyberArte: Tradition Meets Technology” curated by Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn [more]

Barbara T. Smith – Marina Del Rey – 11/27/2012

Barbara T. Smith is currently sorting through her archives after moving her studio from Venice to Marina Del Rey after twenty-five years. She most recently designed the ongoing project, I CAN WE CAN, with Nina Jun, in collaboration with A Window [more]

Suzanne Lacy – Marina Del Rey – 09/21/2012

Suzanne Lacy played a major role in establishing the feminist art movement and remains a staple in that community to this day.  Her unwavering spirit for social justice and commitment to the critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire, is evident in her many [more]

Rachel Lachowicz – 2900 Airport Ave., Santa Monica – 09/13/2012

Rachel Lachowicz’s studio smells like the cosmetics counter.  Her recent large-scale sculptures include massive amounts of colorful pigments from eye-shadow factories and self-taught plexiglas handiwork.  Lachowicz‘s past projects have included [more]