Cindy Kolodziejski – Venice – 10/29/2012

Cindy Kolodziejski’s is expanding her repertoire from ceramics to found objects. Her studio is full of amazing antique frames, boxes, trinkets and more.  Not to mention the amazing array birds and bird cages that line the whole north side of her [more]

Vincent Ramos – Mar Vista – 08/24/2012

Today, we visited Otis alumnus Vincent Ramos in the Mar Vista/Venice area, the same area his family has resided since the 1930s.  Ramos’ studio is evidence of his research based practice, full of books and memorabilia; he has two more storage spaces [more]

Carla Danes – Santa Monica – 08/10/2012

Otis alumna Carla Danes has a studio of unlimited possibilities.  The shelves are lined with colorful doodads, bric-a-brac and plastic containers, all colorful and perfect in their own way.  Danes finds her materials everywhere and transforms it into [more]

Greg Colson – Venice – 08/09/2012

Greg Colson’s studio is a barnlike structure that opens up behind a residential home in Venice.  The walls are lined with multiple projects from years past, but a similar thread of graphic interpretations of information is evident in all of them.  [more]

Mark X. Farina – Venice – 08/09/2012

Stepping into Mark X. Farina’s studio, off of bustling Lincoln Blvd., feels like you are stepping into another world.  Farina’s collections of quirky knick-knacks line the shotgun style studio.  In the front of Farina’s studio is a more open space [more]

Shirley Tse – 1019 West Studios, Inglewood – 07/31/2012

Much of Shirley Tse’s latest work is from her recent show at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery earlier this year titled Vital Organs & Other Stories.  A few years ago Tse developed interest in organic connective systems, since then she has been [more]