David Gev – Palms – 10/03/2013

David Gev is a glass artist who works from his home studio in the Palms neighborhood.  He is a second generation Holocaust survivor who grew up in Israel and came to the US in 1987 to pursue a Master’s degree at USC.  Gev views his work as a healing [more]

Joel Otterson – Downtown, Lincoln Heights – 08/28/2013

Joel Otterson is an artist pushing the gender barriers of craft in a fine art context.  His use of colorful antique-glass goblets, to fabricate chandeliers, immediately heightens your nerves and demands a reaction.  His largest so far includes a [more]

Judy Stabile – Culver City – 06/14/2013

Judy Stabile is one of the few female artists to come out of the Light and Space Movement.  Her paintings and sculptures incorporate glass, acrylic and spray paint, and sometimes metallic paints that play with the light in the room.  The visual [more]

Larry Bell – Venice – 08/09/2012

As we entered the studio of Larry Bell, a staple of the Light and Space movement, he sat in his studio smoking a cigar.  In the last two weeks of July, Bell has been working with paper.  Inspired by, “torsos and guitars” the mylar and paint collages [more]

Peter Alexander – Santa Monica – 08/01/2012

While visiting Peter Alexander’s studio, he expressed that he was excited that a respect for the “sensual” in art was being revived and that his resin work was receiving renewed interest.  Pacific Standard Time is unquestionably responsible for [more]

Jeanne Patterson – Mar Vista – 07/26/2012

Kissing, lots of kissing is what Jeanne Patterson has been working on in her studio recently.  Paintings cover her walls of this intimate act.  These walls are the very ones that held many a Domestic Setting gallery show, the gallery Patterson [more]