Gina Lamb – Inglewood – 12/3/2013

Gina Lamb has been doing Social Practice work before the term was coined. This was my first introduction to her practice and I was amazed by the depth and breadth of her projects and her genius and generosity. Most of her work these days is [more]

Steve Hurd – Inglewood – 12/3/2013

In the LA Times, art reviewer David Pagel said “Steve Hurd takes a shotgun approach to painting… .” Our visit was a rapid fire conversation through several bodies of work starting with his newest paintings inspired by his feline companions. This work [more]

Christopher Kent Schumaker – Inglewood – 11/15/2013

When I first met Chris Schumaker he was a sculptor. He also worked with pastel on paper and the imagery was very much about three-dimensional space. Nearly twenty years later, I stepped into his studio to find he is now an accomplished painter of [more]

Inglewood Open Studios – 11/10/2013

Today, Meg and I visited over thirty artists at the Inglewood Open Studios. Checkout their websites below: Carmen Argote - Lucy Blake-Elahi - [more]

Steven Bankhead – Inglewood – 09/20/2013

Steven Bankhead teaches at Otis College of Art and Design, Compton College and Fullerton College.  When he isn’t teaching he is probably making art or barbequing.  Originally from Alabama, one of his first jobs was at a BBQ restaurant – hence his [more]

Christopher Warner – Inglewood – 08/23/2013

Christopher Warner is a long time faculty member at Otis College of Art and Design. He is known for his realist land and city-scapes, but these days Warner has been actively abstracting his work.  Using vibrant colors and an exquisite sense of space, [more]