Numa Perrier – Leimert Park – 11/06/2013

I met with Numa Perrier in her home studio in Leimert Park.  Actress, Artist, Writer, Filmmaker & Designer, Numa has a multi-faceted practice and her work stems from the personal. She uses narrative to explore themes of identity, sensuality and [more]

Mara Lonner – Leimert Park – 09/13/2013

Mara Lonner’s black velvet pieces are beautifully crafted and tell of events and animals that have once had their time here on earth, but are now remnants of history.  The pigeon, “Martha,” was the very last Passenger Pigeon, a breed native to the [more]

Dale Brockman Davis – Leimert Park – 08/16/2013

I met with Dale Brockman Davis at the California African American Museum in Exposition Park to see his some of his recent work in an exhibition entitled “Diverted Destruction 6” organized by CAAM and The Loft at Liz’s. Dale took over a large wall and [more]