Billboard Project – Inside the Quad

The Billboard Project for Freeway Studies #2: Inside the Quad is in full swing!  Billboards will be up through the entirety of the exhibition, April 12 - July 27, 2014.  For this project, we invited Inside the Quad artists to create three billboards [more]

Rainen Knecht – West Adams – 11/22/2013

Rainen Knecht, along with Christopher Baird, moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles last year. She is a painter who has recently expanded her repertoire from watercolor to oil painting. She is fascinated by miniature worlds and much of her new work [more]

Dustin Metz – West Adams – 11/20/2013

I met Dustin Metz when I visited Aaron Morse’s studio. Metz is a painter and a recent transplant to Los Angeles from the East Coast. He studied at Tyler School of Art at Temple University and Rutgers University, and moved here about a year ago. He [more]

Christopher Kent Schumaker – Inglewood – 11/15/2013

When I first met Chris Schumaker he was a sculptor. He also worked with pastel on paper and the imagery was very much about three-dimensional space. Nearly twenty years later, I stepped into his studio to find he is now an accomplished painter of [more]

Mira Gandy – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills -11/15/2013

Mira Gandy’s work revolves around the female self-image, incorporating both cultural-diversity and race.  She often parallels these topics with media representations of women within these contexts as well, and addresses issues such as the advertising [more]

Inglewood Open Studios – 11/10/2013

Today, Meg and I visited over thirty artists at the Inglewood Open Studios. Checkout their websites below: Carmen Argote - Lucy Blake-Elahi - [more]