Flora Kao – Marina Del Rey

Otis alumna Flora Kao completed her MFA degree at UC Irvine last year; but before attending art school Kao also studied Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard University.  Kao’s work is a beautiful mix of these fields of study, focusing [more]

Barbara T. Smith – Marina Del Rey – 11/27/2012

Barbara T. Smith is currently sorting through her archives after moving her studio from Venice to Marina Del Rey after twenty-five years. She most recently designed the ongoing project, I CAN WE CAN, with Nina Jun, in collaboration with A Window [more]

Suzanne Lacy – Marina Del Rey – 09/21/2012

Suzanne Lacy played a major role in establishing the feminist art movement and remains a staple in that community to this day.  Her unwavering spirit for social justice and commitment to the critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire, is evident in her many [more]