Steven Bankhead – Inglewood – 09/20/2013

Steven Bankhead teaches at Otis College of Art and Design, Compton College and Fullerton College.  When he isn’t teaching he is probably making art or barbequing.  Originally from Alabama, one of his first jobs was at a BBQ restaurant – hence his [more]

Noel Korten – Baldwin Hills – 08/02/2013

Noel  Korten is an artist who works in painting, sculpture and installation and is also a  curator. He has completed public art projects with the City of Carlsbad and Amtrak.  He served as Director of Exhibitions at the Los Angeles Municipal Art [more]

Kiki Sammarcelli – Culver City, Helms Bakery – 06/14/2013

Otis faculty member, Kiki Sammarcelli, loves Broadway theater and was even part of the Woman’s Building community back in the day.  Her paintings are rich in color and often include elaborate floral patterns.  Recently she began incorporating collage [more]

Kate Harding – Inglewood – 06/13/2013

Kate Harding’s studio is currently located in an old fire station in Inglewood.  With its high ceilings and brick walls, it is only missing the fire poll.  Harding’s newest video work is a meditation on time and place and the effects they have on [more]

Rebecca Tull – Culver City – 04/19/2013

Again, making the rounds with Carolyn Peter, we visited with artist Rebecca Tull who presented her recent photographic and video work. She gave us a brief introduction to her background having focused her undergraduate studies on women in [more]

Blue McRight – Venice – 11/14/2012

Blue McRight’s studio was full of artwork ready to go to the Samuel Freeman Gallery for her January 2013 show.  Her new work is an extension of her earlier work having to do with nature and culture.  McRight is an avid scuba diver and has an innate [more]