Joel Otterson – Downtown, Lincoln Heights – 08/28/2013

Joel Otterson is an artist pushing the gender barriers of craft in a fine art context.  His use of colorful antique-glass goblets, to fabricate chandeliers, immediately heightens your nerves and demands a reaction.  His largest so far includes a [more]

Anna Ayeroff – Culver City – 08/23/2013

Anna Ayeroff is a recent graduate of Otis College of Art and Design.  Her studio is nestled in a Culver City garage and is littered with supplies like Mylar and amethysts.  Since Ayeroff found out that her grandfather was part of a Jewish Utopian [more]

Christopher Warner – Inglewood – 08/23/2013

Christopher Warner is a long time faculty member at Otis College of Art and Design. He is known for his realist land and city-scapes, but these days Warner has been actively abstracting his work.  Using vibrant colors and an exquisite sense of space, [more]

Jerri Allyn – Baldwin Hills – 08/16/2013

I met with Jerri Allyn at her home studio in Village Green. Jerri is a feminist performance and installation artist as well as an educator. She was part of Otis’ Pacific Standard Time exhibition Doin’ it in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s [more]

Matthew Carter – Inglewood – 07/24/2013

We met Matt Carter at his current group show, The Road, at Luis De Jesus Gallery on La Cienega.  Carter’s current work is a study on the harlequin and the diamond, argyle pattern often associated with the character.  He focuses on the clown’s [more]

Rebecca Tull – Culver City – 04/19/2013

Again, making the rounds with Carolyn Peter, we visited with artist Rebecca Tull who presented her recent photographic and video work. She gave us a brief introduction to her background having focused her undergraduate studies on women in [more]