Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez – West Adams – 12/2/2013

Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez have been working together on two major projects: “Break + Pausa” and  “TEQUIO AQUÍ, TEQUIO ALLÁ,” that are described in detail on their website.  We spent the majority of our visit together discussing their [more]

Eben Goff – West Adams – 11/20/2013

Eben Goff is finding ways to work with the landscape whether it’s the LA River or a super fund site in Butte Montana. He is interested in natural processes of accumulation, dissemination and decay. In the studio, he had two examples of his Flood [more]

Todd Gray & Kyungmi Shin – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 10/09/2013

Artists and partners Todd Gray and Kyungmi Shin  live in “the Dons” of Baldwin Hills, where their hilltop home doubles as their art studios.  Todd Gray is a photographer, performer and professor. For some time he has been documenting private [more]

Jerri Allyn – Baldwin Hills – 08/16/2013

I met with Jerri Allyn at her home studio in Village Green. Jerri is a feminist performance and installation artist as well as an educator. She was part of Otis’ Pacific Standard Time exhibition Doin’ it in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s [more]

Farrah Karapetian – Baldwin Hills – 08/07/2013

Farrah Karapetian is a Los Angeles based artist who works in sculpture, installation and photography. Much of her work is photo based which she achieves without the use of the camera in a process known as photograms. Karapetian explores reality and [more]

Warren Neidich – Baldwin Hills – 01/31/2013

I first met Warren Neidich in New York in the mid-1990s and I was thrilled to find out that he’s in LA in a studio near the new Culver City metro station. As usual with Warren, he is working with a variety of media and on multiple ventures at once. [more]