Timothy Nolan – Downtown – 08/14/2013

After eighteen years at PØST, Tim Nolan is now part of a large studio collective, just in the Loop, on the Southeast side of downtown.  Using origami-like shapes to reveal his affinity for design and architectural elements, Nolan’s work ranges from [more]

Marjan Hormozi – Mar Vista – 09/19/2012

Marjan Hormozi’s recent show, ‘Ticking…’ was at PØST on July 8th, 2012.  The artist statement reads as follows:  This series of drawings are based on J. M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’, in which some of the critical and thought-provoking moments in the story [more]

James Goodwin – Mar Vista – 08/31/2012

When first meeting James Goodwin at his studio, it seemed as if he had just come back from surfing.   Goodwin, who describes himself as having a, “twisted sense of humor,” makes work that’s often about unveiling political and moral idiosyncrasies in [more]

Jody Zellen – 2900 Airport Ave., Santa Monica – 08/01/2012

Jody Zellen’s current work is two-fold as she is currently in her studio painting, but also creating her very own applications for I-Pad and I-Phone users.  Her studio paintings have a mosaic quality, and are actually paintings of pixelated images [more]

Brian Moss – 2900 Airport Ave., Santa Monica – 08/01/2012

Brian Moss’ recent work includes animations of images from space, collaged with his own photography of ordinary objects that visually resemble/reference space images.  The collaged animation images are then cut in a quadrant shape, in the center of [more]