Matt Nichols – South Central LA – 11/22/2013

Matt Nichols is a recent transplant to Los Angeles. He received his MFA in 2010 from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and his BA in 2003 at University of California, Berkeley. He has his own production/fabrication shop set up in the front [more]

Eben Goff – West Adams – 11/20/2013

Eben Goff is finding ways to work with the landscape whether it’s the LA River or a super fund site in Butte Montana. He is interested in natural processes of accumulation, dissemination and decay. In the studio, he had two examples of his Flood [more]

Lauren Evans – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Lauren Evans is primarily a sculptor and also teaches African Art History. She uses animal forms in her work and has created a series of powerful images using the rhinoceros. According to her website, “The images of the rhinoceros represent the [more]

Curtis Weaver – Culver City – 11/14/2013

Curtis Weaver is a multi-media artist who melds science fiction and art by creating a living creature that reaches through many facets often attributed to the human race.  His creatures might be faceless, but are made up of biological elements such [more]

Aili Schmeltz – Baldwin Hills – 10/03/2013

Aili Schmeltz was recently awarded the California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts.  Her recent work includes large scale drawings and sculptures that are informed by utopic architecture, monuments of fallen philosophies, and [more]

Randolph Holland – West Adams – 09/20/2013

Randy Holland’s West Adams studio is full of totem-like redwood structures that he carves, paints, and tans. Some of these spindly tall pieces of wood resemble knobby horse legs or bones. Sometimes he casts the sculptures in bronze and integrates [more]