Warren Neidich – Baldwin Hills – 01/31/2013

I first met Warren Neidich in New York in the mid-1990s and I was thrilled to find out that he’s in LA in a studio near the new Culver City metro station. As usual with Warren, he is working with a variety of media and on multiple ventures at once. [more]

David Lloyd – Baldwin Hills – 06/07/2013

David Lloyd has his studio in Baldwin Hills, but we met over at Gallery KM in Santa Monica on the last day of his solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper called “Two Electric Desires.” It was a crazy morning. All of David’s surfing buddies [more]

Christina Ondrus – Downtown – 04/26/2013

My first encounter with Christina Ondrus’ work was through this amazing project called Knowledges that took place at Mt. Wilson in June 2012. Right now, she is working on a book of images and text exploring synchronicity and the residue of history [more]

Lee Clarke, Scott Grieger, Lucas Reiner, Lindsey Schulz, Rashad Navidi, Kour Pour and Joey Wolf – 1019 West, Inglewood – 09/22/2012

During the Otis Alumni/Faculty Studio Bus Tour on September 22, 2012 we revisited the 1019 West building in Inglewood and met up with some amazing Westside Otis Alumni/Faculty artists. Lee Clarke is an abstract painter whose most recent work is [more]

Caryl Davis – Venice – 08/20/2012

Caryl Davis is playing with words. Using stream of consciousness, she is gathering, collecting and acquiring lists or scrolls of words and experimenting with type.  Often times poetic and almost always inducing some sort of transference, her new text [more]

Mark X. Farina – Venice – 08/09/2012

Stepping into Mark X. Farina’s studio, off of bustling Lincoln Blvd., feels like you are stepping into another world.  Farina’s collections of quirky knick-knacks line the shotgun style studio.  In the front of Farina’s studio is a more open space [more]